Here's a collection of special Givoni-related links:

http://www.greenhouse.gov.au/agreements/display_agreements.html?aid=1266 - What is this?

http://www.givoni.com.au/ - Givoni Fashion

http://www.isr.gov.au/industry/tcf/bestprac/13.html - the factory behind Givoni Fashion

http://www.interdomain.net.au/~wmcjb/fashtit.htm - Some more fashion

http://www.teddybearshop.com.au/Korimco/Korimco_Givoni.html - at first we thought someone was making fun of us, but Andrew Givoni from Australia gave us this information: "my grandfather, Gideon Givoni, owns a sleepwear company named "Givoni" which make dressing gowns and slippers, that is why the teddy is called Givoni, because it is wearing Givoni sleepwear."